With the increasing desire for healthy minds and body
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With the increasing desire for healthy minds and body, North Americans are turning to various new pieces of equipment to help them get into shape. One type of fitness machine that is growing in popularity is the

Whole Body Vibration Machine. Like numerous exercise equipment devices, it comes from European developers and dates back to the early 1960's. The basis for this machine is the work of Rhythmic Neuromuscular Stimulation or RNS. This technology was first introduced to help astronauts, but was later further developed for general public use. RNS helps to increase muscular flexibility much faster and easier, by stimulating muscles and forcing the blood to circulate faster, thus bring more oxygen to regenerate muscle tissue.

Another issue that is often addressed is weight loss. The result of RNS is such that it increases the hormone level in the body, and as it is described on the this technology page helps the muscles recover faster and become leaner. When one's muscles get stronger, one's stamina grows which facilitates longer workouts with more intensity. Increased blood flow throughout the body helps one detoxify and loosen fat deposits for more effective toning.

A number of studies were conducted over the years to test the impact vibration machines have on various aspects of health. A major problem that affects many athletes is torn or ruptured ligaments. Vibration machines have been shown to help the rehabilitation process go much faster and smoother. For an athlete, that means they can go back to training faster and experience less pain.

Finally, vibration exercise has been shown to help Parkinson's patients. It helps decrease multiple symptoms, such as tremors, balance and postural instability. The RNS technology helps muscles develop quicker response to various stimuli from the environment. Vibration machines help develop agility and strength in those using them.

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